“Give yourself an AMAZING gift and get out to see this show. ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY. Please don't miss it. The stunning Judy Ann Moulton will make you laugh, cry, gasp and swoon with pleasure... this show is beautifully crafted, completely engrossing and a gift that you will give to yourself. You will not forget it.”
“You made every note count tonight and I loved every one of them. We had the best time. The music, the story, the band, the voice, THAT VOICE was a sublime combination of everything I had hoped. You're a treasure. Congratulations.”
“The show was showstopper after showstopper, after showstopper!”
“I got to hear it three different times and each time my heart sang. Each time, it broke a little, too…”
“Loved the presentation with the interesting info on Judy Garland and touching inserts of your life. Well done.”
“The perfect song set, an awesome band and the best voice that never quits, never is less than perfection. When I grow up - I want to be you!!!!!!”
“…she manages to take Garland's songs and embrace them as if they were precious gems…”
“Judy Ann's rendition of 'The Man that Got Away' was hands down - the best I've ever heard live...and I'm a big 'ol theater queen so I know...” my cheeks are sore!!! I love you and am sooooo grateful to your amazing & generous sister-in-law Sharon, for the gift of being able to witness one of the biggest dreams I've ever seen...come true!!!
“I am soooo proud of you and in awe of the courage it must take to go up on stage, as yourself, brilliantly performing songs of a woman who touched so many...”
“Just plain OH MY GOD! She was utterly amazing. Do yourself a favor and catch one of the best the Northwest has to offer.”
“TWELVE PIECE ORCHESTRA!!! Where do I sign up for THAT gig??”
“Beautiful, touching, spectacular vocal performances...I cried and smiled so much...”
“What an amazing show! Judy Ann is at the top of her game, everyone - you should all make time to see this.”
“Dynamo voice of course, but we didn't expect the touching story about the life and times of JG that she narrated between songs. Powerful stuff all the way around. Thanks, JAM!”
“Multiple standing ovations over two nights! Judy Ann, Jon and the Band...WOW!!!”
“…so click your ruby heels together three times and repeat after me:  ‘There's no one like Judy Ann.  There's no one like Judy Ann.’ " 



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Judy on stage

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